Sustainability / Environmental

A sustainable company in an ecological sense means making choices capable of lowering the environmental impact of its production activities by limiting consumption.
The commitment to eliminate, where technically possible and truly “sustainable”, certain dangerous substances or limit their concentration and use by trying to improve existing production processes through research and development.
The implementation of the 350 kilowatt hour photovoltaic system in 2016 contributed to energy efficiency, the reduction of consumption and the containment of water resources necessary for the product manufacturing processes.

Sustainability / ZDHC

Tintoria Emiliana was one of the first dry cleaners to join the ZDHC organization in Amsterdam.
ZDHC’s holistic approach has made it possible to develop tools for increasingly careful management of chemical products, establishing new standards for the control of production processes and discharges into the environment. ZDHC is a foundation that operates internationally which, through the Roadmap to Zero program, aims to drastically reduce the pollution caused by the textile, tanning and footwear industries that supply the major global brands. Tintoria Emiliana has voluntarily joined the Roadmap to Zero program which requires avoiding the use of some highly polluting substances, managing and improving the processes and management of chemical products, with the aim of reducing chemical residues on the substrates processed textiles, as well as the polluting load in waste water, waste and atmospheric emissions. A commitment that goes beyond compliance with regulations and which sets important improvement objectives for the elimination of harmful substances from the production cycle. The ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines define a standard for testing wastewater from manufacturing facilities. Contrary to what is foreseen by local regulations, these guidelines are not limited only to checks on the so-called CONVENTIONAL PARAMETERS (pH, BOD, COD, etc.) but provide for the extension of tests on a series of chemical substances defined as dangerous and included in the ZDHC MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List).

Sustainability / Social

For Tintoria Emiliana, being a sustainable company tout court does not only mean respect for the environment, saving raw materials and economic resources, but also respect for the health of workers and consumers, respect for human rights, rationalization of creative and production processes, stimulus for innovation and research.
In summary, all this could fall under the word “responsibility”, understood as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility).