The space reserved for customers to learn about dyeing processes and develop customizations on clothing items and accessories.

Tintoria Emiliana has redeveloped its Showroom, an exhibition space designed as a place to analyze and define new customizations, where the stylist and the style office deepen their respective research by viewing the sample collection of garments and accessories that represent all the types of treatments and finishings on the different natural, artificial and mixed textile fibres.

Showroom Studio also allows you to learn about the different industrial dyeing processes combined with artistic gestures dedicated to the production of one-of-a-kind custom-made pieces and limited series for the high-end and luxury market.

Showroom Studio can be booked for one or more days, becoming a real reserved “style office” capable of following every request and solution pertinent to the customer’s indications regarding the creation of a new garment or accessory intended to represent a new collection.

Showroom Studio is directly connected to the Fucina Colore laboratory, this allows you to experiment and create clothing prototypes in real time with the support of specialized staff both for the use of different equipment and technologies and for manual gestures bespoke art.

Visit the Showroom and discover the dyeing treatments.

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