Tintoria Emiliana and @Sangi join forces to conduct material research in the footwear sector, experimenting with craft processes to develop industrial processes. For the first chapter, a process called ‘Meteorite’ was realised.

SANGI, the first ever Footwear Observatory, is founded in 2018 by Footwear Designer Pietro Franceschi. The observatory operates as a technological hub, where research is at the heart of every project. Just as astronomers explore the cosmos to analyse and classify celestial bodies, SANGI does a similar job in identifying the most significant projects in terms of aesthetics and innovation, across the entire footwear universe. Composed of a team driven by passion and technical expertise, the Observatory offers a daily selection of footwear from around the world and produced by a wide range of brands, curating an ever-expanding virtual archive that can be consulted on the Instagram page @lookatsangi. This approach has made the page a reference point for enthusiasts and insiders, such as designers, artists and creative directors – from Pharrell to Takashi Murakami – looking for inspiration in terms of shapes, materials and trend direction. The SANGI Observatory operates with a twofold objective: to disseminate footwear culture and to create cutting-edge products. By constantly monitoring the footwear market, the Observatory stays at the forefront of innovative solutions in the fields of style, product category, use of materials, processing and colour palette.